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Protect your boat from roosting seagulls! Mounted bow or stern a rotor turns every 30 seconds for a short cycle. Birds dont land on busy places and - if they have done it occasionally - they will escape immediately. BirdBoggle operates without disturbing sound (no ultrasonic) and without external power supply. BirdBoggle is supplied by a LION-battery recharged from an  integrated solar cell. Therfore BirdBoggle operates in all weather conditions - despite calm winds and cloudy skies. An integrated microprocessor controles the activity according to available sunlight (duration of break cycles depend on charging status of LION battery). During dark night BirdBoggle sleeps and wakes up with dawn.
BirdBoggle does not need external power supply. A telescopic pole can be extended according to available space and retracted for stowing. The package includes a toggle clamp for tube diameters from 15 up to 30 mm.


Align telescopic pole horizontally. Shorten the extension cord if required. Fasten all screws. BirdBoggle is made for outdoor use but not floatable!

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package content

  • BirdBoggle rotor with solar cell & LION battery, DC drive and µP controller, in a compact housing with telescopic pole
  • adjustable Toggle Clamp for railing 15 - 30 mm
  • manual

Highlights & Details


TypeBirdBoggle BB10.0
sea gull repeller for boats
Technologysolar powered
Backup Battery3,7 V LION, 350 mAh
DriveDC geared motor
low torque & reverse
120 rpm
Operating cycle
2 / 5 seconds
Operating break
30 sec. up to 10 min.
Solarcellintegrated 0,2 Wh
On/Off switch
toggle switch 2 settings
Opeation mode
low/high, day/night detection
SignalLED light
Housingsplash proof plastic housing
Ø22 mm & ¼“ Kameragewinde
extendable Telescope 500mm
100 x 100 mm
Weight0,25 kg (without accessories)