good by pigeons and gulls good by pigeons and gulls


Electronic and SOLAR-powered Bird Repeller

The microprocessor-controlled BirdBoggle prevents that sea gulls, pigeons and other birds use the deck for roosting. BirdBoggle protects a large area by cyclic turning a rotor. A telescopic pole can be adjusted according to local needs. Simple to install - no external connections required. Works for months without anything to do!


   MORE ... Protects boats from bird droppings
   MORE ... Protects boats from bird droppings

   MORE ... Protects boats from bird droppings
  MORE ... Protects your balcony from pigeons

Technical SPECs:

Rotor: splashwaterproof, rugged plastic housing
Telescopic pole: stainless steel pole, extendable up to 20 inches (500 mm)
Standpipe: anodized aluminium, diameter 0,98" (25 mm), height 7,8" (200 mm)
Coverage: about 60" dia (1.5 meters)
power unit: geared DC-motor with overload protection
Torque: low torque without risk of injury due to obstacle detection and automated change of rotation
Power-Supply: solar power cells and Li-Ion backup battery

Controller: integrated microprocessor with day/night detection, sunlight/power balancing
Indicator: integrated LED

On/OFF switch: waterproof toggle switch